Monday, September 1, 2014

More cards

Well I got myself into gear and took a few photos of some recent Christmas cards I made.  So here goes .

I will put greetings on some of them when i know who they are for!

Joan x


  1. Hi Joan, what lovely selection of cards, really love the gold and dark red one,
    I have made afew but really want to get on with my family ones. xxx

  2. Hi Joan my you have been busy gorgeous card, really like the last one and loving your bows xx

  3. These are all gorgeous Joan, love the designs and you are well on your way to Christmas with these.
    Linda xxx

  4. Hi Joan, It is lovely to see you back on here and with an absolutely fabulous collection of Christmas cards.
    Don't leave it so long next time lol.
    Janet xxx

  5. A fabulous selection of cards Joan, I love the variety of techniques and styles.
    It's good to see that you are still crafting even if you don't get around to much blogging.

  6. Hi Joan, These are all lovely cards.

    Hugs Erin xx

  7. Wonderful cards Joan. Love them all x

  8. Lovely Xmas cards, you are good. I love the snowman card, but I refuse to think about Christmas during the summer........ Hahahaha!

    Claire xx

  9. Hello Joan, your cards are lovely! Just to let you know I'm back in blogland and this is my new blog:
    Hope you'll visit sometime. See you soon!
    Amelia xx


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